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Хостел Приятелска среща (Село Железница)

*** Hotels Guide Bulgaria *** - Hostel Friendly meeting, Village of Jeleznitsa, Bulgaria
Hostel Friendly meeting
Hostel Friendly meeting - Village of JeleznitsaHostel Friendly meeting is located in Village of Jeleznitsa, Municipality Stolichna, District Sofia-city, South-West Bulgaria.
Hostel Friendly meeting - Village of JeleznitsaLocation: Village of Jeleznitsa
Address: village of Zheleznitsa , Sofia
eMail: valiapi@abv.bg
Internet: http://www.friendlymeeting.com/

House Friendly meeting is located in village of Zheleznitsa (19 km from Sofia).
Hostel offers accommodation in 2 double rooms and restaurant with Bulgarian cuisine.
The locality features
- mineral springs
- a river
- deciduous and coniferous forest
- an area untouched by intensive agriculture and industry
- herbal
In Bulgarian: Хостел Приятелска среща (Село Железница)

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